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  • Case Studies and concrete use cases from our daily experience
  • wikima4 mesaforte – “GRC-in-a-box”
  • wikima4 rolebee – automated role design & administration

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Customer Case Studies

Industry: Financial Services Challenge: Stronger compliance requirements The customer, a leading Swiss insurance company, acts as

The customer, a leading Swiss insurance company, acts as a financial services company, combining banking and insurance. “From the moment on we became aware how our internal control system influences the sensitive information in our SAP environment, we realized that we as a company need full transparency and control about processes and access to the system at any time”. Read more (Document in German)



Industry: Real Estate Challenge: Economic efficiency and system analysis

The customer acts in a semi-public environment. It is their obligation to act economically efficient, to optimise costs and processes and specially to make users aware that space costs money. This area of conflict between the expectations of the customers for innovation and efficient processes and the regulatory requirements is challenging. Read more


Industry: Health service provider Challenge: efficient distribution of SAP licenses

In complex SAP environments, managers are challenged to find an efficient and secure way to manage and administer SAP licenses. Numerous license types and user behavior complicate the efficient and user-adequate distribution.   Read more






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