Challenge: Economic espionage and cost pressure

Manufacturing organisation were under special circumstances for a long time. It was more important to be protected against economic espionage than to fulfil external, regulatory requirements. With the developing digitalisation of production this focus gets even stronger. Along with this development, cost pressure is rising as well.

Continuous monitoring of complex processes

Due to automated controls in ERP systems it was feasible, to continuously monitor complex operations and processes. This makes espionage unfeasible and leads to an increased data protection.


Modular frame work for governance, risk & compliance

  • Ensure GRC in manufacturing
    wikima4 mesforte 
    and its modular frame work offers a solution to the manufacturing industry which ensures regulatory requirements like ICS, cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) or Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP). The basis is a process management which has been developed during our long-time consulting experience which has been translated into ready-to-run templates.
  • Minimize risks in ERP systems
    wikima4 mesaforte
    enables manufacturing organisations to continuously monitor operational and financial operations and to minimise the risks in ERP systems.
  • Lower costs, raise efficiency and measure it!
    wikima4 mesaforte 
    controls not only risks and the fulfilment of compliance. Manufacturing organisations benefit from the integrated components like user-, role- and licence mining as well as the IDM. This allows to measure and raise process efficiency and to lower costs and time.


Benefit for your organisation: Transparency and a solid foundation for digitalisation

The solution of wikima4 enables CIOs, IT managers, security and access officers, Revisers and board members to simplify, monitor, control and measure their area of responsibility. Transparency in the organisation improves and the foundation for digitalisation is set.

„Together with our clients, we reduce the costs for compliance and put risk management on solid ground. This means more security and transparency for the digital data streams of our customers.“