Challenge: dynamic market in the focus of public and politics

Utility companies act in dynamic markets. This dynamic is reflected through the augmented globalisation of the market and the aim of the industry, to use energy in a “smart” way. Utility companies are therefore in the focus of the public and politics. They are classified as critical infrastructure and often extradited to machinations.

Utility organisations are under pressure due to different external influences: Shareholders expect financial transparencies, politics and public expect innovation and more environmental-friendly energy.

A solid basis for Governance, Risk and Compliance

The regulatory laws vary country by country, but the core remains the same: The necessity, to build a solid basis for Governance, Risk and Compliance with its specific monitoring and controlling.

We support many organisation in the utility industry, not only local energy companies, but also organisation in the pipeline business, the distribution etc.

Modular frame work for Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Implement compliance and security
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    enables utility organisations to implement compliance and security in an efficient way.
  • Active security management of digital data streams
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    enables utility organisations to efficiently implement industry-specific regulations.
  • Build the foundation for innovation
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     enables organisations to allocate digital data streams easily within the ERP system and protects therewith intellectual property.

„Together with our clients, we reduce the costs for compliance and put risk management on solid ground. This means more security and transparency for the digital data streams of our customers.“