Challenge: Digitalisation of the production chain

Pharmaceutical and chemical companies have to follow tight regulations, internal controls and high corporate governance standards. In a global market, country specific laws, regulations and the compliance thereof is an additional challenge. These conditions have a direct impact on the value of a company, regular reporting is required by both, shareholders and investors. The developing automatization and digitalisation of data in IT systems raises the requirements even more.

Efficient and effective control systems following the entire value chain

A highly demanding governance requires automated control processes. An adequate framework and rule set allows an efficient risk management following the entire value chain within the company. In addition, the control over this value chain internally but also externally has to be secured.

Modular framework and templates for governance, risk & compliance

  • Individual framework for efficient, operational risk management
    offers companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical market the opportunity, to build up their own frameworks while taking the associated risk into consideration.
  • Automate control along the value chain
    The continuous monitoring and automated reports from wikima4 mesaforte allows efficiency and efficacy along the entire value chain, from supplier over production till customer.


Benefit for your company: Transparency for digitalisation

The solution of wikima4 enables CIOs, IT managers, security and access officers, Revisers and board members to simplify, monitor, control and measure their area of responsibility. Transparency in the organisation improves and the foundation for digitalisation is set.

„Together with our clients, we reduce the costs for compliance and put risk management on solid ground. This means more security and transparency for the digital data streams of our customers.“