Challenge regulatory requirements

Banks and insurance companies are in the focus of regulation authorities. This industry is obliged to follow more and more standards and to prepare against internal and external threats in the digital space. The finance industry was among the first industries to recognize the importance of risk management. In order to outlast these threats, it is important for every organisation, to have full control over risk management and to strictly follow compliance standards and regulation.

The solution: cross-functional and cross-divisional insight in your ERP system

Financial industry organisations use wikima4 mesaforte in order to permanently follow the compliance requirements in their ERP system, for dedicated in-depth analysis or permanent implementation. The obtained transparency leads to more insights and clarity between divisions and departments as well as between IT, Business and Audit managers in charge. Especially backend processes benefit from this cross functional insight in business activities.


Modular frame work for governance, risk & compliance

  • Simplify risk analysis and assessments
    wikima4 mesaforte supports the process of risk analysis and assessment. As an integrated part of risk management, it supports permanently the adherence to regulations, leads to an increased perception of the back end processes and becomes an important part of risk management and governance programmes.
  • Implement corporate governance and regulations
    wikima4 mesaforte benefits from its integrated frame work which allows financial service companies to easily implement corporate governance and regulations.
  • Automate GRC reporting
    Our customers are capable to implement and follow regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley-Act, BilanzrechtsModernisierungsGesetz (BilMoG) in Germany, Obligationenrecht (OR728a) in Switzerland or the Unternehmens Rechts-Änderungs Gesetz (URÄG) in Austria.

We are obliged to discretion and do not publish any customer names of the financial industry.

„Together with our clients, we reduce the costs for compliance and put risk management on solid ground. This means more security and transparency for the digital data streams of our customers.“