The framework for board members, risk managers, CFOs, CIOs and CTOs to secure the “digital transformation”.

wikima4 allows board members, risk managers, CFOs, CIOs and CTOs to simplify their accountability and control within the organisation. Transparency within the organisation will increase and the foundation for digitalisation is set.


Processes and digital data are the most valuable asset in your company.

wikima4 incorporates industry-specific requirements. Due to our experience, we know how to implement specific regulations and initiatives. This is why industry-specific guidelines are already set as template in our “GRC-in-a-box”. For example:

  • Sarbanes Oxley and further codices for governance in organisation
  • IT Governance, COBIT
  • And further more.


Our customers are well-established organisations in the following industries:

Ready for digitalisation! Our customers:
– enhance the performance in the organisation
– simplify collaboration along the value chain
– fulfill regualtory requirements and
– automize the reporting of their ERP system