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Wikimia4 rolebee tuner & designer automates bulk tasks in role design, role development and maintenance, which are not supported by SAP systems.

Wikima4 rolebee is easily and rapidly implemented, offers a quick return-on-investment due to simplified SAP role management: A business case which is soon reached by every organisation using SAP.



  • Creation and implementation of roles templates
  • New master roles in accordance to organisational structure & -model
  • Role process allocation
  • Role derivation
  • Role administration
    • Creation of new roles
  • Propositions for new user through look-up and simplified role allocation
    • Mass deletion of outdated roles
    • Correction of existing roles (renaming, deletion or addition of transactions, etc.)
    • User provisioning (eq. Test users)
    • Aggregation of single to collective roles
  • Automated SAP role renaming and addition of organisational elements
  • Role documentation (short description)


Your Benefit

  • Industrialisation of SAP role creation and role administration
  • Simplified SAP Role Management
  • Reduction of sources of error
  • Cost reduction thanks to fast return-on-investmen


More about wikima4 rolebee


The following industries have wikima4 rolebee in use:

  • Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Financial Industries
  • Retail / Consumer Goods
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical
  • Administration & NGO’s
  • Telecommunications


wikima4 rolebee is used by:

  • SAP user administration
  • SAP authorisation administration
  • SAP role and authorisation design